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  2. Miss World Finals—‘FENG.YA.SONG’ Outdoor Performance


    2007 Miss World Finals was grandly held in Sanya Huayu Crown Plaza Hotel. Almost 106 contestants from different countries and regions attended the finals. They dressed in their tailor-made Chinese classical costumes and presented a blend of Chinese and Western ‘beautiful feast’. 
    On a stage with unique island characteristic, a grand welcome dinner was held on the lawn. DMX line array system had already made an early grand appearance. The CLA linear speaker had ever successfully undertaken many major events and performances throughout the country. We adopt Italian RCF driver for CLA Series, and our products are with superb production process and technology. The sound quality is completely comparable with the imported speaker. For such a large and grand performance, the CLA linear speaker was easy to manipulate. Therefore, it won the highly praise of contestants and guests