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    Dual 10’ 2-way Line array

    The GDA-10is a 2-way, full range array cabinet containing 2pcs Neodymiun drivers and 1pcs 3’compression driver. The critically optimized sound chamber produces wavefront with a nominal dispersion patten of 100?x 10?(H x V).The chamber’s efficiency allows for increased vertical dispersion without sacrificing high frequency presence.
    The GDA-10  is suited to a wide applications, its full range capability enables the GDA-10 to cover theaters,arenas , auditorium,midum size festivals with amazing sound quanlity.



    Transducer1x3’ HF, 2x10"LF,

    Frequency Response55Hz-20kHz 

    Dispersion Angle 100°X 10°

    Rated Power(AES/Peak)HF:90W /360W ,LF:1000W/4000W

    SensitivityHF:110dB ,LF:99dB   

    Maximum SPLHF:129dB(continuous),135dB(peak) ,LF: 129dB(continuous),135dB(peak)  

    Nominal ImpedanceHF:16Ω ,LF:8Ω

    Amplifier Module2x400W+1200W8Ω),2-input and 4-output  DSP,

    Input Connection1x Neutrik Speakon NL4,Link: 1x Neutrik Speakon

    Dimensions(mm)740×294×510W × H × D

    Net Weight(kg)32