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    21” High power Subwoofer

    The CLA-21B is a stand-alone high output subwoofer system for fixed mount and mobile applications. It is designed to provide very high output, compact and accurate bass response

    It is a 21 inch neodymium high performance sensor with a 5.3 inch 4-layer voice coil. The carbon fiber reinforced straight rib cone shows a proprietary resin treatment to provide additional pulp strength and water resistance.

    The box is made of birch splint and designed with band-pass bass. Although the internal structure layout is complex, the box is more solid with ingenious supporting and fastening device. The top panel is provided with corresponding grooves for the two slideways to ensure that the speakers can remain fixed when stacked on the ground. Equipped with 7 handles, it is more suitable for transportation.




    Transducer21" neodymium subwoofer, 5.3”(135mm) voice coil

    Frequency Response29Hz-80Hz(-6dB)

    Rated Power RMS1800W(AES)


    Maximum SPL130dB

    Nominal Impedance4Ω

    Connection2x Speakon NL4

    Dimensions(mm)762× 600× 986W × H × D

    Net Weight(kg)72