Caring for your floor

Your new wood floor is an important investment and must be properly cared for and maintained for you to enjoy its full life and beauty.

The following care and maintenance tips should be followed to obtain the full benefit of your wood floor and to ensure that our warranty will continue to apply.

  • For optimal appearance, clean your new floor with a vacuum, duster or broom at least weekly, making sure that grit doesn’t become abrasive to the finish.
  • It is best to use a vacuum that is specially designed for use on hardwood floors such as these reviewed by Best Reviews. Vacuums that are designed to beat dust and grit from rugs may damage your hardwood floor.
  • When you need to clean your floors more thoroughly, select cleaning solutions that have been developed for hardwood floors from manufacturers such as Bona Kemi, Basic Coatings, Minwax or equivalent.
  • Consider using an area rug in front of your sink or appliances and on high-traffic areas that can help prevent moisture from being trapped against or pooling on you new floor.
  • Keeping the relative humidity in your home between 35% and 55% reduces the risk of excessive expansion or contraction that can potentially cause problems such as “cupping or crowning” of the boards. Cupping is where the center of the board sags; crowning is where the center of the board is higher than the sides.
  • Use pads on the ends of furniture legs to protect your floors from denting or scratching. The pads will also make it easier to move furniture when cleaning.
  • Some wood species are particularly susceptible to changes in color when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Using curtains, blinds or shades on windows that let in significant amounts of sunlight can help protect your wood floor.
  • When moving heavy furniture or appliances over your wood floor, consider using a hard barrier, such as a board, on the floor and move the item across the barrier instead of sliding it directly on the floor.
  • The best furniture casters to use on hardwood floors are wide and made of soft rubber. They will not leave “track marks” on your floors when you move the furniture.

I recently had my amazingly beautiful Owens floors installed and I absolutely love that they provide tips on how to get the best overall performance over time.”     David B., Homeowner