Edge treatments

Add dimensional interest to your new floor with our edge treatment options.

Edge treatments are the shape of the edges of the floor boards and the appearance they achieve when installed together. The edge style makes a difference in the overall appearance of your floor. The differences are subtle but carry quite an impact.

Owens Flooring provides an array of edge treatments that add dimension and interest to flooring designs. When custom finishing, a bevel is helpful to ensure a flawless match.

Edge treatments are available in all widths of unfinished flooring and may not be available on all thicknesses. All prefinished flooring is designed with the micro bevel option. Select one of our treatments to customize your floor for the look you’ve always wanted.

Micro Bevel

Offers the smallest of edges showing a mere 3/64” reveal.

Chamfer Bevel

A more pronounced option with a “V” edge and a 7/64” reveal.

Pillow Edged-Handscraped Only

Features soft rounded edges with a 1/8” reveal.

With more than ten domestic and exotic species offered in a variety of standard and designer finishes,
our floors are incredibly versatile and will deliver optimal performance for many years.