Flexible Installation

Our floors provide a more uniform appearance overall and require significantly less time and effort to install.

Install on any level

The multilayer construction of our floors provides a stable product that can be installed on any of a home as well as light commercial installations. Our warranty protects your investment in humidity as low as 20% and commonly found in drier climates. Our floors are even warranted for use over in-floor radiant heat systems.

Save on labor costs

Our floors are calibration sanded which eliminates the minimal differences that can occur in the thickness of one board to another and generally referred to as overwood. This process can reduce the onsite labor cost by as much as a 33%, since no sanding is required to level the boards.

Longer board lengths

Our standard board lengths range from one foot to eight feet, whereas most of our competitors generally offer a range of one foot to six foot lengths. The result of our longer board lengths is a more uniform appearance and less time spent installing the floor — enhancing the look while reducing your cost. Plus, we offer custom lengths of up to ten feet.

Owens Flooring board lengths

Owens floors are designed to go where solid hardwood simply can’t. Basement, concrete slab or even over radiant heat, these floors always perform beautifully.”      Rick Olson, Just Around the Corner Inc.