The benchmark for all engineered floors

Owens proudly created the luxury engineered hardwood flooring product category and is currently the benchmark for all other engineered floors. Our floors are the superior choice for discriminating buyers shopping for residential or light commercial installations.

Owens’ floors are crafted with pride in Shawano, Wisconsin, using the highest quality hardwoods from domestic and international sources. With a wide variety of species and finishes, our floors are incredibly versatile and provide a host of designer looks that deliver optimal performance and aesthetics.

We combine high quality, exterior grade plywood with a sawn hardwood wear layer to create a truly remarkable engineered flooring product. Our wear layer can be sanded and refinished several times, making the life expectancy and installed appearance indistinguishable from solid wood flooring. And unlike solid wood flooring, our floors can be installed on any level of the building, even directly over concrete.

Whether you are interested in flooring with a more traditional look or want to explore something more modern and trendy, we offer numerous options from which to choose. If you prefer, you can select our unfinished boards — engineered with the same high-quality construction as our prefinished options — that can be stained and finished however you choose.

What makes our floors so unique? When it comes to quality, durability, versatility and easy installation, nothing compares. Only Owens offers an uncompromising commitment to quality, delivering floors that are engineered with the best components and assembled with meticulous care that can be trusted for light commercial installations or for use on any level of your home.

Our floors:

  • Provide a significant reduction in seasonal gaps and cupping often associated with solid flooring.
  • Can be installed anywhere in your home, below grade and over concrete.
  • Offer the visual appeal that is indistinguishable from solid wood flooring because the lumber is cut from the tree using the same methods.
  • Are available in widths ranging from 2.25” to 8” depending on your personal preference.
  • Have a lifetime structural warranty and finish warranties of 35 years for residential installations and 5 years for light commercial installations.

A pioneer in engineered hardwood flooring, Owens Flooring was founded by craftspeople who innovated a superior way to build flooring that lasts in a variety of environments. Unlike simulated wood, our floors capture the natural beauty of American hardwood trees in a floor that is uniquely yours. Our hard-working, Wisconsin based staff is proudly committed to delivering outstanding products and family-like customer service.