Owens Quality

While other manufacturers promise quality, nothing beats Owens.
The Owens Standard requires scientific testing and an uncompromising
commitment to quality.


In cooperation with suppliers, Owens has established strict incoming raw material specifications. An on-staff National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) inspector checks thickness, grade, width, length, stress and moisture content of ALL incoming lumber. The plywood used is exterior-grade Baltic Birch. Its multilayered construction is very stable and is free of large voids found in competitors’ products.

No Butt Joints

Plywood cores are available in solid strip and/or finger jointed. This structurally solid joint prevents internal fracture and ensures that no “white lines” appear on the face of prefinished product.

No Delamination

Inside Plankfloor, what you see is 100% adhesive coverage — not spotty extruded adhesive lines. Owens’ proprietary lamination process is monitored by more than 40 critical measurements and utilizes a water-resistant PUR adhesive. Owens floors simply don’t delaminate.

Glue bond tests are performed daily, utilizing the ANSI/HPVA 3-cycle water soak and oven test method. We have even successfully tested our product with beer to demonstrate that it is suitable for use in bars and restaurants.

Minimize Seasonal Changes

Crossbanded plywood creates a stable platform for the solid wood surface. When sealed together, the adhesive creates a moisture barrier, which minimizes seasonal changes.

Tested Durability

A warrantied durable factory finish and high-quality lamination pair to create a stunning floor, suitable for any light commercial application.

Consistent Heavy Wearlayer

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No Aggressive Sanding Required

Plankfloor is calibration-sanded at the factory. This means virtually no overwood! Typically, Plankfloor can be screened and finished with a third less labor versus the typical three-step process. This leaves more wearlayer for future sandings.

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